Clean H2O Project
If you would like to apply for a free                   H2O Filter(s):

Simply commit to providing, "3 Acts of Kindness," and apply to SAKO using the outline below

We can help you put an X anywhere on this map.  Current X's mark the spot of SAKO members and Sawyer filters.


1st Act: Provide picture(s) or video(s) of the installation or post installation of your H2O Filter in the host country to SAKO


2nd Act:  Provide monthly analytics; how many individuals are benefitting from the filter(s)? Are those same individuals using the filter in 2 mos, 3 mos, and totals after 6 months and 1 year. Filters may last 5+ years if you clean them properly. Please watch our videos on maintenance and cleaning (on the Sawyer News Page)


3rd Act:  In one of the pictures, have a sign say "Thanks WFG and Spread The Aloha To Kids" in your picture that we can post on our website and provide this in part to our donors, so the providers of the filters can see the analytics and visual example of the good work you and your mission team is doing.


Please include in a 2-3 page proposal letter: A little about your Team Leader(s), Your Group or Church, Where are you Going, Why / How did you choose that Area, How Many Filter(s) are you Requesting, (each filter provides between 170-500 gallons of fresh H2O per day), How many Families or Individuals do you expect to help in the region, How is SAKO H2O Filter(s) Donation going to help, When (departure date) do you need the Sawyer H2O Filter(s) from SAKO for your Next Mission.


Are you willing to Update SAKO with deliverables: how many individuals, families or users of the H2O Filters for the next 3-12 months and beyond? Are you willing to commit to and inspire those regions and H2O distribution stations about the, "3 Acts of Kindness". If all of the above are true then please provide all your contact information, put your proposal letter together so we can respond in a timely manner.


Address the letter to: SAKO Clean H2O Project Manager

Title the Proposal as: "Spread The Aloha To Kids Clean H2O Project 201X"

Email proposal request to:


All proposals will be judged on their ability to meet the criteria listed above and their ability to meet the need of the village, province, or city. Please help us track the success and use of the Sawyer Filters and we can provide our donors with more statistics on where and how their donations are being felt across the globe. "Thus Fulfilling The Cycle of Giving"




SAKO Clean H2O Project Manager


Please watch the Youtube video of our partner project through the Hope International Bible Fellowship. Yolanda Figuero led the team to the Philippines with Pastor Ed and over 20 local volunteers from Los Angeles and surrounding communities to install Sawyer H2O Filters and provide essentials of daily living to those recovering from Super Typhoon Haiyan.


Special Thanks to everyone that made a contribution to our programs, we need your continued help and support. 



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