Educational Mission and Clean H2O, Rosario Murillo


On March 25, 2014, SAKO's executive mission team took their talents to Central America. Dinh, a local resident and SAKO member headed the mission trip to Nicaragua where the team spent 8 days on an educational mission to build a school for the families of Rosario Murillo village. Located in Villa el Carmen, Rosario Murillo Village is one of the poorest regions within the area. Previously, these kids were using an area that doubled as a church. Special thanks to the Rotary Club of Cerritos Artesia and Rotary of Tulsa Oklahoma for their support of water drilling and water filters that SAKO was able to implement. Electric water pumps were also donated by a resident of the Grand Pacfica within Villa El Carmen, we are still waiting to hook up the pumps.


In addition, SAKO has impacted the lives of over 432 students with the Clean H20 Project, including their families. Schools in Nicaragua are affectionately named after United States Cities, Regions, and Territories. SAKO assisted schools in San Diego Nicaragua, California Nicaragua as well as Rosario Murillo and Rafaella Herrera #2.Rosario Murillo Village children grow up seeing their parents working the sugar cane fields, earning 80 cents USD per day. Low wages equals a lack of mobility. Check out our progress and see what you can do to help. There are no paid SAKO members, all are volunteers.


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Objective I
Raise Funds


Rosario village currently offers their church, our SAKO Mission Team members are seen here. So far we have raised $10,500 for our school, our goal is to raise an additional $6,500 by the end of 2015.

Obective III
Provide Educational Supplies

Books, Paper, Pencils

Currently there are 38 students in a collective learning environment, ranging in age from first grade to fourth grade or equivalent. There are no standardized tests, graduation, or attendance records yet, we hope to make a big impact on the structure these kids will have. Families and students currently wash their clothes in a stream, with your assistance we will be able to make a significant impact.  All Teachers are Volunteers.

School Construction
Exterior Complete!
School Interior
Need lights, Desks, School
Supplies, Uniforms, etc.
Using Reclaimed Water for Irrigation 
Objective II
Build a School

Our SAKO and Local Nicaraguan residents construction team, all are volunteers, no paid workers on site. All donations are contributed toward building materials only. The structure is up, now we will continue to add projects as funding is made available through generous donations.

Objective IV
Build a shower & washing station for local villagers. Wash clothes, 1st restroom,
take showers and receive clean H20.


Now that we have a learning structure in place, with floors and walls, SAKO will make an effort to put together a book collection and teacher education area. As those books arrive, hopefully one day it will grow into a library. We have to teach them how to read first. Eventually, we hope to add solar power and some type of technology with a computer.

Bathrooms & Wash Station
Still need funds for completion ($1,250.00)
Teachers Learning, Library & Cooking Station
Still need funds for completion ($3,150.00)
Students in Class!
Now it's time to add new desks, learning materials and a place to cook!

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