Sawyer PointOne
All in one Filter SP181


Sawyer Point Zero TWO Bucket Purifier Assembly Kit SP191

The Sawyer water filtration systems use technology adapted from kidney dialysis filters. The Sawyer Hollow Fiber Membrane Filters are composed of tiny “U” shaped micro tubes that allow water to enter into their core through tiny micro pores on the side walls of the tubes. The pores on our filters and purifiers are so small that no bacteria such as E. Coli, cholera, or typhoid can pass through. The 0.1 micron absolute filter and 0.02 micron absolute purifier not only exceed EPA pathogen removal rate standards, these systems will also out perform and outlast most other personal filters on the market.

Dúc (Duke) Nguyen, SAKO President discovered Sawyer H2O Filters through a CNN Heroes article about nominee Doc Hundley. After seeing the ease of use, installation, and simple maintenance procedures, he decided to do personal testing. After months of testing in rigorous conditions namely field and tap waters of Vietnam and China, he introduced the Sawyer SP191 to SAKO and history was born.

When you have access to a water well or rain catchment, the Sawyer SP181 is SAKO's choice for H2O filtration. Click below to watch videos on installing, cleaning and basic maintenance of your sawyer filters.

Watch the videos to learn how to install and maintain your filters

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