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Project Philippines

In 2014, Spread The Aloha To Kids (SAKO) supported several Mission Teams, providing Sawyer Water Filters to the Philippines in response to Super Typhoon Haiyan. SAKO partnered with Yolanda Figueroa who visited remote destinations in the Visaya regions, including: Leyte, Cebu, and the island of Bantayan. In addition, other Sawyer Filters have been provided along with funds to rebuild a classroom and additional H20 filters have been provided for clean drinking water for local cites without access to clean running water.


Each of the teams departed from Southern California with Sawyer H20 filters and additional support from various family members, churches, and businesses. You can see some of what we were able to accomplish on these mission trips below. Locations are strictly chosen by the team leaders and experienced water captains that provided the best access to deep water wells, or known places that had access prior to the typhoon for drinking water.  Our heart felt prayers go out to those that are recovering from the loss of home, life, and the comforts of daily living. Please continue to support the ongoing efforts in the Philippines, it will take years to fully recover from the devastation left by Super Typhoon Haiyan.

Yolanda Figueroa
HOPE International
Church, Hollywood, CA


Yolanda Figueroa, with the support of WFG, WFG Champions Bowl and David Pham was able to spread some Aloha to the Visayan region of the Philippines. Yolanda accompanied a group of her fellow volunteers from the Hope International Church. The Hope International Church is headed by Pastor Ed which also had 14 of his local congregation join Yolanda with her team members. After spending 2 weeks in the devastated area of Bantayan Island north of Cebu.

Leyte, Cebu , Ormoz, Southern Bantanyan, Tacloban

All areas hit by the Super Typhoon - we have filters in each area, coordinated by local water Captains, churches, and homes. We will be supplying more filters, if you know of someone in need, please have them email us for a free filter.


Grace Baptist Church
Pastor Howard Wynn
Tacloban, Philippines


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